Whole Foster Farms birds, provided by Costco, are slow roasted on-site daily and are the basis of most of what is served there, which depends on the day and either Adam’s or the chef’s whim. Diners order at the counter, watch their meals prepared, then sit at communal farmhouse-style tables. Turkey sandwiches are a permanent fixture...

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The whole point of this little spot is to make you feel as if you have come home to your childhood kitchen table to enjoy your mother’s home cooked vittles. As you enter, you see kitchen tables with white legs and matching chairs. There are 4 communal tables to encourage guests to meet new people and engage in warm conversation over come cooked comfort food. There are also kitchen cabinets that have been put in the back of the restaurant, along with a bar with seating, to complete the kitchen experience.

The only protein on the menu is turkey. There is an amazing selection of tantalizing turkey treats to choose from including: the classic turkey platter with all the fixins, sandwiches, salads and soups. They even have turkey italian sausage sammies and turkey bacon on their BLT’s. They also serve giant turkey legs for all your inner cavemen OR current King Felix fans.

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